Dentures are used to help to repair a smile that's missing one or more teeth.


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Dentures help to repair a smile that's missing one or more teeth

Unlike dental implants that remain fixed in the mouth, dentures can be removed and put back into a patient's mouth. With the remarkable advances made in dental technology, dentures today look, feel and function more like natural teeth than ever before.

At Beaverton Dental Center, our denturist - Mikhail Govshievich - offers patients both partial and full dentures. Partial dentures act similarly to a dental bridge, replacing only a portion of a patient's smile, while full dentures replace all of a patient's natural teeth.

As an experienced licensed denturist, Mikhail possesses the knowledge and expertise needed to expertly size, craft and place dentures that act, look and feel just like your natural teeth. Working with Mikhail offers our team at Beaverton Dental Center the ability to provide our patients with a new smile they can flash with plenty of confidence.

Importance of Wearing Dentures

Replacing teeth lost to injury or dental disease plays an important role in maintaining not only your oral health, but your overall appearance as well. Without the support of dentures, facial muscles can begin to sag, causing the face to appear sunken or hollow. But most importantly, wearing dentures allows you to regain the ability to eat, speak and drink just like before.

Don't let your oral health or self-esteem suffer any longer. Contact our office today to schedule a Beaverton denture appointment with licensed denturist Mikhail Govshievich and start down the path of reclaiming your oral health.