Family Dental: How to Make Your Kids Tooth-Brushing Champs

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You want the best for your kids, and we’re here to help with family dental. Beaverton Dental Center knows teaching your child to brush their teeth can have its moments of frustration. Providing a good example, and taking care of their teeth now, are both great gifts that will pay off into the future. 


Even if your family dental routine has gotten a little bit off track, there’s time to get back into the swing of things. It’ll be worth it. Here are a few ways you can help your kids learn to take care of those pearly whites:


Lead by example: Children often imitate the actions of their parents. Brush your teeth with your children and explain why brushing is so important. Taking care of your health is a lovely part of family culture to foster.


Make it a routine: Kids thrive on routine. If brushing is part of a groove they go through every morning and night, they’ll be more likely to remember as they grow older. So make brushing teeth a part of your day to make it a habit.


Make it fun: Find toothbrushes with their favorite cartoon characters or let them pick out their own toothbrush. Search for a “two-minute brushing song” for music lovers, or make up your own family favorite. Don’t forget those reminders that we stand still while we brush. Dancing is for before and after!


Use a timer: If music doesn’t work for your family,  set a timer for two minutes and brush teeth until the timer goes off. 


Help them with technique: Show your child how to brush their teeth correctly, including how to hold the toothbrush, which areas to focus on, and how to brush gently. Kid-friendly videos are great for reinforcing what parents are saying. If you have questions, your family dentist in Beaverton will be happy to answer questions at your next 6-month cleaning appointment.


Keep it consistent: Be consistent with your approach and keep reminding them of the importance of brushing. Focus on the positive of strong, healthy teeth that can munch on pizza for a lifetime.


Brushing with Babies

Did you know you can help care for your child’s dental future before the first tooth even pops out? You can gently rub a soft, wet washcloth on baby’s gums. Try to get under the lips as well. Not only will this help remove bacteria from the mouth, but it will help get them used to having a parent poke around in their mouths. 


After teeth appear, use a small soft brush twice daily for two minutes. Bring baby in for their first checkup at about one year, or six months after the first tooth appears. Even if your infant doesn’t have many teeth, your Beaverton dentist will check to ensure everything’s developing properly.


Family Dental—Beaverton Dental Center

Make sure your kiddo gets regular dental appointments. Beaverton Dental Center offers convenient appointment times before and after school. Drs. Marra and Truszkowski, with their kid-friendly crew, will help make the experience fun and relaxing. Make an appointment today.