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Have You Developed Bad Brushing Habits?

By Beaverton Dental Center | Feb 12, 2020

As the provider of the type of family dental care Beaverton has come to rely on for a great looking smile, Drs. Williams and Truszkowski want their patients to have the tools needed to protect the long-term health of their teeth and gums. After all, our teeth do far more for us than simply help…

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Dentures Will Help Revitalize Your Smile

By Beaverton Dental Center | Jan 31, 2020

At our dental office in Beaverton, Oregon, our team of experienced dentists and denturist work hard to help restore our patient’s smiles back to health. For patients who have lost multiple teeth over the years, either due to dental decay or injury, dentures offer an affordable and lasting solution for the long-term health of their…

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Gum Disease Linked to Heart Disease in New Study

By Beaverton Dental Center | Dec 5, 2019

At the Beaverton Dental Center, it should come to no surprise for our patients that a healthy diet and receiving regular exercise both play an important role in lowering their risk for heart disease. A national issue, heart disease ranks as the leading cause of death for both men and women living in the U.S.…

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What Every Patient Should Know About Needing a Root Canal

By Beaverton Dental Center | Nov 5, 2019

No one wants to visit their family dentist in Beaverton and hear that they need a root canal. When it comes to dental procedures that everyone loves to fear, the root canal always comes out on top in terms of the sheer terror it causes patients to experience. However, the reputation a root canal carries…

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Dental Implants Can Help to Restore a Smile Back to Health

By Beaverton Dental Center | Oct 10, 2019

As an experienced cosmetic dentist in Beaverton, our team at the Beaverton Dental Center specialize in restoring patient smiles back to health. If the state of your smile causes you some concern due to missing one or more teeth, dental implants offer an affordable and lasting solution that can help to restore your ability to…

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Teeth Whitening Will Revitalize Your Smile

By Beaverton Dental Center | Jun 13, 2019

As a cosmetic dentist, our team at Beaverton Dental Center understand firsthand just how big a difference a teeth whitening in Beaverton can make for our patients. Not only does a brighter, whiter smile help to boost your self-esteem, it also makes you feel more confident about your appearance and feel younger overall. Even the…

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Why Your Oral Health Matters

By Beaverton Dental Center | Feb 27, 2019

At our Beaverton family dentist practice, Dr. Williams and Dr. Truszkowski want to ensure that all of our patients enjoy a healthy, great looking smile for a lifetime. Healthy teeth and gums play an important role in more than just having an attractive smile. Research has found significant connections between an individual’s oral health and…

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