Dental Implants Can Help to Restore a Smile Back to Health

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As an experienced cosmetic dentist in Beaverton, our team at the Beaverton Dental Center specialize in restoring patient smiles back to health. If the state of your smile causes you some concern due to missing one or more teeth, dental implants offer an affordable and lasting solution that can help to restore your ability to eat, drink, laugh, and smile.

When placed by our experienced cosmetic dentist in Beaverton, dental implants provide patients with the best possible option for replacing a missing tooth or teeth.

If not convinced that dental implants can help to improve the health and appearance of your smile, let’s take a look at how this cosmetic dental procedure can work to revitalize your oral health.

What is a Dental Implant?

A dental implant is a metal post, typically made from either titanium or another bio-friendly metal, that works to anchor a replacement device, such as a dental bridge, crown, or denture.

Dental implants are surgically placed into the jawbone by our cosmetic dentist in Beaverton to replace the roots of a tooth that was lost due to dental disease or injury.

When given the time to fully heal, a dental implant will fuse with the jawbone, providing remarkable stability and support for a replacement device.

When do Patients Need a Dental Implant?

As gum diseases progresses, harmful oral bacteria attack the underlying bone and tissue structure that holds our teeth into position. If allowed to progress without treatment, severe gum disease (periodontitis) will eventually destroy the base of our teeth, eliminating the roots, causing permanent tooth loss.

When a gap develops in a patient’s smile, it begins contributing to the development of other oral health problems.

Teeth that neighbor the gap will begin to shift into the space left vacant by the missing tooth. As teeth shift, they will start to slowly move to fill the gap in the smile. This can cause a smile to become crooked, teeth to crowd, and for a misaligned bite to develop.

Even more concerning should the gap in a smile remain, the underlying bone structure surrounding the gap will continue to deteriorate, spreading to the base of other teeth, and eventually leading to more permanent tooth loss.

Fortunately, by placing a dental implant to plug that gap, patients can receive a durable solution that enables them to repair their smile and prevent any further damage from occurring.

How are Implants Placed?

First, our team will conduct a full oral exam to assess the current state of a patient’s oral health.

Next, Drs. Williams or Truskowski will completely numb a patient’s mouth.

A small incision is then made in the gum tissue to expose the bone underneath. Our dentists will then open a hole in the jawbone that’s big enough to hold the post of an implant. The post in then inserted into the hole and secured.

A healing cap is then placed over the implant, and then the gum tissue is stitched back together.

Before Drs. Williams or Truskowski can install a replacement device over an implant, the jawbone and implant needs time to fully heal so a fusion process can take place.

After a couple of months, the implant will fully heal and be ready for the placement of an abutment.

During the next procedure, Drs. Williams or Truskowski will reopen the gum tissue and replace the healing cap with an abutment, which works like a cap a crown, denture, or bridge can be attached to.

Drs. Williams or Truskowski will then carefully place your replacement device to ensure a snug, comfortable fit.

Once firmly in place, your dental implant will blend seamlessly into the natural color and complexion of your smile.

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