Dental implants are rods that are placed into a patient's jawbone to replace the natural roots of a tooth. 


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Dental implants make an ideal treatment choice for patients looking to replace one or more missing teeth.

Dental implants are titanium rods that are surgically placed into a patient's jawbone to replace the natural roots of a tooth. When placed into a patient's jawbone, implants act like a replacement base for a tooth lost due to dental disease or injury. Typically, dental crowns are placed on top of implants to serve as an artificial tooth, working to help restore a patient's smile back to health.

To receive an implant, patients must first undergo an exam from one of our Beaverton dentists to determine whether their gum tissue and underlying bone structure can support the placement of an implant.

Advantages of Dental Implants

Dental implants from our Beaverton dentists offer patients a number of important advantages that include:

  • Improved appearance. Dental implants look and feel just like your own teeth and will blend seamlessly into the natural complexion of your smile.
  • Improved comfort. Unlike dentures or bridges that can slip, implants become a permanent part of your oral health, ensuring a more comfortable and secure fit.
  • Improved self-confidence. Patients missing one or more teeth can easily find themselves feeling self-conscious or insecure about their appearance. Dental implants can help to restore the confidence you have about your appearance and smile.
  • Easier time eating. Patients with missing teeth have a hard time eating certain types of foods, especially if they must deal with sliding dentures. With the secured fit offered by dental implants, you can feel confident eating your favorite foods just like before.